While our focus is always on telling your story to the best of our ability, it's important to us to deliver your project at the highest quality possible. When you watch you project, it should feel like a movie! The only way to achieve that is years of experience and some really expensive gear. Luckily for you, we have both!


cinema CAMERA

We're dedicated to making your film look like it was made to be on the big screen. That means a serious camera. We shoot our projects on a Black Magic URSA Mini 4.6k. Amazing high definition, 4k footage is perfect to capture every detail of your project. 


Is there anything more impressive than amazing aerial shots of your business or wedding? Sweeping aerial cinematography is a delight to watch and capture. We're making sure your drone footage looks the best it possibly can with the 4k footage of the DJI Phantom 4.


While it's so important to see your project, you can't underestimate how important it is to hear your voice. Using a Zoom H6 Multi-Track Recorder, we're capturing every word in crystal clear audio. Your voice deserves to be heard in the best quality possible. We're here to give you that!